Where and when it all began!

RISE CLAN was founded in Portugal by Miguel Sarzedas in 1996, in his dad’s garage, in his home town Torres Vedras.
It all began as a vegan & sweatshop free company but after 26 years RISE CLAN evolved into the conscious, sober, vegan, sweatshop free, fairtrade, organic and climate neutral streetwear brand that is today still driven by the same ethics.
RISE CLAN is a brand that stands for something real with strong values and a positive vibe made to inspire, motivate and stimulate everyone to follow their hearts, their passions, their dreams and their goals!


From day one our slogan has been CHOOSE FIRE OVER APATHY meaning that we choose action over neutrality or indifference because RISE CLAN is so much more than a clothing brand, it is a weapon against the lies.
We CHOOSE FIRE OVER APATHY. We stay true to our beliefs. We got that attitude. We stand our ground. We fight until the end. We never sell out.
This is our promise to all the new generations of human and non-human animals and the Planet Earth.


All of our attention is focused to be in the present moment but we’re also aiming for a brighter future ahead. We’re aware of the state of our Home – The Planet – and as a company we’re determined to ethically produce top quality apparel and making the dopest vegan clothing and accessories, liberating the world from mental and physical oppression as a consequence of our daily activism.


It started small. It grew bigger. Now we’re taking over the world.
Over the last two decades we’ve worked together with professional filmmakers, athletes and musicians and fought for a better world side by side with amazing and revolutionary NGO’s too. And with all your precious help and support we’re able to donate hundreds/thousands of euros every year to different animal sanctuaries and inspiring projects that are protecting the Earth. We plan to keep financing good causes.

Established in the 90’s. With the flavour of HipHop. In the flow of RAP. With the attitude of Punk. In the spirit of DIY. Screaming for a change. Choosing Fire Over Apathy. Questioning the unquestionable.
Dreaming about a better tomorrow. For Total Liberation.

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