GAEA is Miguel’s RAP project. It all started around ’95 or ’96 when 3 friends got together and formed their first band ever. They were called Time To Claim and played a cross-genre, a mix of punk and hiphop. The final result was part Rage Against The Machine part Beastie Boys part whatever. It was actually quite the freak show! But what really matters is that they loved it and had a blast playing together.

Miguel started writing his first rhymes back then, playing drums and rapping at the same time, but only in 2007 he started this solo project called GAEA.

And here we are – RISE CLAN – presenting you GAEA‘s fourth release (available only on digital format) and we’re very proud to be the label behind it all. We’ve released all the CD’s and tapes, hand screen printed all the merch and booked most of the shows and tours. You can watch GAEA videoclips and more here! Get ready to enjoy good music with a message. It’s all about that Vegan HipHop flavour from the 90’s, baby!

This album is mainly in portuguese and it’s a compilation of tracks that were never recorded before or performed live, with the exception of “Ratazanas com Bandanas” (Rats with Bandanas) that was re-recorded to be part of this album too.

“Directamente dos arquivos” includes 12 tracks plus a booklet (24 pages in pdf) with texts, lyrics, photos and more.

This is a very important step for GAEA and to celebrate it and end 2020 on a positive note we’ve decided to launch this new album on the very last day of the year, the 31st of December 2020. But there’s still a lot to be done and news will be shared throughout 2021. Stay tuned!

Support independent music! Vote with your money! Show your love and download this album today!

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