• Pure Deodorant 60g

Pure Deodorant 60g

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PURE Deodorant is the world's purest deodorant available!

PURE Deodorant is being made from the ammonium sulphate which has been used through the ages as a natural deodorant.
It does not block pores, it simply can not penetrate the skin, it lays as a layer on top of the skin where it neutralizes the bacteria.

PURE Deodorant is a 100% vegan product: no animals were used during testing, no animal contents are being used within the deodorant. 100% animal cruelty free.

PURE Deodorant (besides the roller) can last up to 2 years. It's the worlds most economic deodorant available.

PURE Deodorant are all made out of 100% ammonium sulphate. The roller contains metyl cellulose benzalkonium chloride which sole purpose is to make the water less fluid.

To reassure your feelings, Ammonium Sulphate has been used for over 300 years as a natural odour killer.

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